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    Learn Korean Self-Study Bundle - Hangul (Korean Alphabet) e-Book, Worksheet, Sentence Structure Video Lesson, Digital Korean Flashcards

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      USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: I'd suggest getting a brief introduction using the Korean alphabet worksheet first, then get more examples and learn about the Korean alphabet history from the "Korean Alphabet Made Easy" e-book. After that, watch the video lessons on the basic Korean grammar structure and start learning the words using the digital flashcards. Once you understand the sentence structure, try plugging the words from the flashcard set to create sentences on your own, and have those sentences checked by me on the private FB group. (Use the conjugated form (in informal polite style) to do this - I already conjugated all verbs & adjectives in the flashcard set.)


      NOTE: Actually, the digital version of the Korean alphabet worksheet (yes, the full version with the video lesson) will be given as a thank-you gift when you purchase any of the Esthete products on our store! 😉 (This online thank-you gift excludes 290 vocabulary digital flashcards and lifetime FB group membership.)

      [Bundle Item 1]

      Learn the Korean alphabet, Hangul / Hangeul (한글), from a New York State certified Korean language teacher, a native Korean whose experiences include working as an ACTFL OPIc rater for Korean and teaching novice, intermediate, and advanced level classes since 2013.

      The resources gathered here are the most efficient and effective learning tools that have been proven through years of experience.

      Supporting materials include:

      - Video & pronunciation guides
      - Handouts for self-practice

      This book includes a comprehensive review of the batchim (final consonant) rules as well, although palatalization, nasalization, and aspirations are only recommended for users who wish to acquire deeper knowledge in linguistics.

      This e-book is NOT designed for children.
      It is highly recommended for middle & high school students, college students, and adults.

      [Bundle Item 2]

      This study guide offers a comprehensive review of all grammar topics that frustrate beginners, summarizing all important lessons that will take over months to learn in one single file. This is the COMPLETE version of the beginners' guide and comes with video lessons. You can find QR codes on the digital file to watch the video lessons.
      If you have just started learning Korean, I explain everything thoroughly here with the special focus on the use of the particles.
      This is the first part of the grammar packet I give to my students in the first year of studying Korean, and they have found these materials extremely helpful.

      [Bundle Item 3]

      Also included in this offer are the digital flashcards of 290 Korean vocabulary words you will access through another free app, which comes with Korean pronunciation. (The pdf version of the vocabulary list is available for immediate download after purchase.)

      290 Words + Sino & Pure Korean No. Review
      - 120 Nouns
      - 75 Verbs
      - 65 Adjectives
      - 30 Adverbs & Transition Words

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      You're also invited to a private Facebook group where I will answer your questions related to the topics covered in this study guide.

      [About the Author]

      I am a tenured full-time New York State certified Korean language teacher, a native Korean whose experiences include working as an ACTFL OPIc rater for Korean and teaching novice, intermediate, and advanced level classes for heritage and non-heritage speakers since 2013.

      - Teachers College, Columbia University
      - NYS Professional Teaching Certificates in Korean, TESOL, and English Language Arts (ELA)
      - Certified ACTFL OPIc Rater for Korean & English

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