At Coreall, we share all things rooted in the “얼” (core spirit) of Korea.
Each product and service offered here represents our family’s passion to bring the best of Korea to the U.S.

Born and raised in Korea, I have worked as a Korean language teacher in America since 2013.

My husband is not Korean, so to help him better communicate with my parents, I made Hangul flashcards and shared other self-study guides I actually use in school. Indeed, these study tools are made with love!

My father, a K-beauty industry expert, also teamed up with the best chemists in Korea to develop Esthete body moisturizers. These were originally designed for professional use, but we had to pivot from B2B to B2C business model during the pandemic. From launching on Amazon to building our own website, we have been growing our online presence ever since.

We hope you will follow our journey as we expand our offerings to help you explore all things Korean in the U.S!