Hello! This is Cleo.

by Cleo from Coreall on November 27, 2021


In this post, I will be introducing the projects I’ve worked on since the pandemic ... and a little bit about myself! It's still hard to believe the shutdown took place almost 2 years ago, and I still vividly remember how I tried my best to turn this 'crisis' into an opportunity ... So here's the recap on all that has happened since the pandemic! 

As a Korean language educator, I published e-books and self-study guides on Amazon and Etsy around March 2020. On Amazon, they are published under my company, Speedy Korean LLC. I wrote the original e-book “Korean Alphabet Made Easy” for my husband who doesn’t speak Korean, and this KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) project led to sharing the actual classroom resources I built for teaching Korean. Here’s how I introduced myself on Amazon’s Author Central:

Speedy Korean LLC is owned and operated by a New York State certified Korean language teacher. Since 2013, she has taught novice, intermediate, and advanced level classes for non-heritage and heritage students and in 2020 attained ACTFL OPIc rater certification.

- Teachers College, Columbia University 

- New York State Professional Teaching Certificates in Korean, TESOL (K-12), and English Language Arts (ELA) 

- Certified ACTFL OPIc Rater for Korean

Actually, the e-book “Korean Alphabet Made Easy” was originally designed as flashcards, but I did not know much about the commercial printing process back then. Luckily this summer, I found a way to produce these flashcards, so I redesigned all of them and made video lessons for each Korean vowel and consonant. I took a little video to share my creative process here:

Besides publishing, I also helped my parents’ K-Beauty brand, Esthete, launch on Amazon. This may seem somewhat random, but prior to becoming a teacher, I majored in marketing at Boston University and worked in the fashion industry (wholesale, buying, planning, and merchandising). Afterward, I ran an online boutique myself while attending graduate school. This time, I was involved in every step of my parents’ e-commerce journey from listing creation, shipping & logistics to PPC advertising. It was a surreal experience as everything took place while I was teaching full-time. This September marks the first anniversary of our parents’ K-beauty brand, and here’s a little recap on our journey!


So what have I learned through these experiences?

1) I noticed a website and a pin illegally sharing my digital publications and had to file a DMCA complaint. This process was surprisingly easy to complete with the proof of the U.S. copyright registration. Amazon’s brand registry program also requires U.S. trademark registration, so consider these legal fees an investment rather than an expense and have them ready before selling!

2) I received many requests for opening online classes and would like to start within a year or so! I don’t know how this year will go with teaching in person again, but I want to have everything thoroughly prepared before offering these services. So stay tuned =) As you can see, a lot has happened since the lockdown, and I will continue sharing what I'm learning along the way. I haven’t really seen a Korean classroom teacher branching out to #ecommerce #smallbusiness in this space, so I hope to bring a unique insight into this community. Together, we will learn not only Korean language and culture but also tips on how to bring our passion projects to life!

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